Rehabilitating women and children in prison

The Initiative for Improving Standards of Prison (IISP) is a taking positive action to solve some of Ethiopia’s most pressing development challenges.

IISP is a Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP) funded CSO that aims to ensure the most disadvantaged prisoners are effectively rehabilitated and easily re-integrated into their respective communities. IISP does this by providing vocational training and livelihoods support for female prisoners, coupled with the creation of education and recreational activities for children who are forced to live in prison with their convicted mothers.

Supporting life and entrepreneurship skills

At Harari state prison, IISP generated new training resources to support life and entrepreneurship skills development at the prison. As a result 275 prisoners have received life and entrepreneurship skills training in areas such as food production, bricks manufacturing, baking and handicrafts.

Mefthutha is one of the beneficiaries of IISPs training. “My life has changed dramatically”, states Mefthutha. “I am economically independent now and ready to expand my business. I want to become a role model for other women like my former co-workers, poor women and those in prison. IISP was my life school in prison. I would like to say thanks to this organisation because IISP saved my life”.

Read more about IISP’s work here.

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