Financial management

CSSP provides financial management support in two ways – through Capacity Development Service Grants, and a programme of training and mentoring in partnership with specialist service provider MANGO, an organisation focused on strengthening the financial management and accountability of CSOs.

CSSP’s support enables CSOs to make decisions about the best possible use of their financial resources. Training in procedures such as contracting, procurement, grant management, financial reporting and audit preparation ensure that participating CSOs are more prepared to manage funds effectively and transparently.

On-the-job financial management mentoring has been provided to 327 CSOs to date, through finance mentors embedded in CSSP’s Central and Regional Business Units. These actions are designed to increase the financial management capabilities of Ethiopian CSOs, and promote transparent and accountable practices that partners and the public can trust. Below is feedback from one participant:

“The financial management support from CSSP has boosted the image of PAD in the face of donor, government and beneficiary. Both our finance and programme staff are now able to deliver multiple projects as per schedule and allocated budget….our capacities have really been significantly enhanced; as an indication, we have been successfully tapping donors and government funds and our annual total income has sharply increased by more then 320%…Thank you CSSP for the finance and strategic shift you made in our organisation”.

Dawit GebreSilassie, Finance and Admin, Positive Action for Development (PAD), Dire Dawa.

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