Inspire – Project management

CSSP, in collaboration with INTRAC, has created the INSPIRE programme, a people-centred approach to project and programme design and management that goes beyond the technical rudiments  of traditional ‘project cycle management’ training. The INSPIRE methodology places hard-to-reach people at the centre of project planning, and aims to make CSOs more responsive to the needs of their partners and beneficiaries.

Based on the appreciative inquiry methodology, INSPIRE employs participatory and interactive training techniques to examine the capacities and assets of hard-to-reach people, understand their own priorities for change, and bring together different local stakeholders to design and deliver appropriate interventions.

CSSP has so far engaged 267 CSOs in the INSPIRE programme. Feedback from CSO partners who attended the training indicate it has helped them:

  • Better understand the hard-to-reach  issues and identify root causes of the problems and real priorities of the HTR people (instead of being trapped by just symptoms of the problems);
  • Focus on the assets and capabilities of their constituencies (not only on their problems);
  • Identify the most relevant areas where they can effectively intervene and make a difference;
  • Have better understanding of community participation, working with government offices at different levels, and involving various stakeholders at different stages of their projects;
  • Comfortably design change pathways and have better understanding of monitoring change at different levels.

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