Leadership development

CSSP supports the development of a strong leadership and governance culture in Ethiopian civil society. We provide capacity support on leadership development that focuses on enhancing governance and leadership capabilities of partner CSOs through the organisations awarded Capacity Development Grant, and a consortium of specialised private service providers (Centre for African Leadership Development, EMERGE and Centre for Creative Leadership).

Based on the learnings from a leadership capacity development intervention piloted in three different areas in the country, the consortium has been currently providing leadership support through a standardised set of leadership trainings with relevant coaching services. In 2014/15 CSSP provided capacity development on leadership and governance to 134 CSOs.

CSSP’s leadership development programme aims to develop CSO leaders that:

  • Proactively deal with challenges in making a difference in the lives of people;
  • Believe in the strengths and assets of staff, other organisations and people; and shares power and decision making;
  • Are trusted by staff and communities to put others’ interests before their own;
  • Are constantly seeking to improve their performance by prioritising impact and by acting on feedback; and
  • Create governance structures that are proactive in engaging with the continuous development of the organisation.

The following are some reflections given by CSOs, who participated in the leadership development programme training:

“Prior to the training, we regarded leadership as something practiced by assigned officials only. The training helped us to see that people working at all level are leaders. Sharing this with our staff improved our sense of ownership and responsibility.” (Yoseph Ayalew, Executive Director of Sustainable Land Use Forum/SLUF).

 “Now we know what an organisation looks like where there is good leadership. There is a strong sense of direction; individuals, teams and systems are aligned and the level of commitment is high. We will strive to create such an organisation.” (Getahun Kebede, Executive Director of Harmee Education for Development Association/HEfDA)

The programme will be expanded to include more CSO leaders nationwide throughout 2016, including a specific women’s leadership component, aiming to increase the participation of women and address the unequal distribution of power, authority and responsibility in CSOs.

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