Relationship building

CSSP places great emphasis on networking and exchange between CSOs, and between CSOs and other development partners – including national, regional and local government, private business and the media.

One such way CSSP does this is via its ‘Learn-and-share’ and relationship building events. CSSP host these events around the country to encourage CSOs to share results from the CSSP-supported interventions, inspire each other, and boost relations with government and other development stakeholders.

To date, CSSP has organised 51 Learn-and-Share events, throughout Ethiopia. These events are useful platforms to strengthen local understanding of CSO’s work and partnerships, improve coordination between CSOs working on similar themes, audiences or areas, and showcase CSO’s achievements. Attendance by government officials at these events promote a dialogue and fomenting of relationships between civil society and government.

CSSP also financially supported the Ethiopian Federal Charities and Societies Forum (EFCSF) led discussions between civil society and government bodies’ throughout Ethiopia’s regional states and city administrations. These discussions addressed issues of fragmentation in the civil society sector, weak representations of civil society voices, poor media coverage of CSOs initiatives and amendments to legal frameworks.

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