Learning Seminars

Over June and July, CSSP delivered five national learning seminars on key hard to reach issues and the materials and read-outs from these events are now available here. The five seminars brought together government, civil society, representatives from hard to reach communities and development partners to debate learning from CSSP’s experience. Each seminar delivered a […]

Improving the legal framework for Ethiopian Charities and Societies

Early findings from the Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP) Results Review, currently being conducted by a team of independent consultants around the country, are indicating that CSSP is helping to strengthen dialogue and relations between civil society and government institutions nationally and in Ethiopia’s regions, impacting upon local and national development planning frameworks and policies. […]

CSOs engaged in discussions on national Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP)

Ethiopia’s journey towards middle-income status is soon to reach a key milestone, as the federal government’s original Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP 2011-15) is succeeded by GTP 2 (2016-2020), and civil society organisations (CSOs) have been formally engaged in government review and planning processes to shape the design of the next generation of Ethiopia’s development strategy. […]

Empowering Capacity Change in CSOs

The Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP) uses a number of tools to monitor and measure progress against the programme’s performance matrix (known as the Babogaya results framework) and ultimately assess whether CSSP is contributing towards its overall objective of strengthening civil society’s contribution to Ethiopia’s development, poverty reduction and good governance. CSSP’s Capacity Change Scale […]

Non State Actor mapping across Ethiopia

The Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP), along with the European Union Civil Society Fund II (EU-CSF II), recently funded the third Non State Actor (NSA) mapping research in Ethiopia. NSA mapping studies were first carried out in 2004 and 2008 with the objectives of understanding the context and issues facing NSAs. There has been significant […]

Rehabilitating women and children in prison

The Initiative for Improving Standards of Prison (IISP) is a taking positive action to solve some of Ethiopia’s most pressing development challenges. IISP is a Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP) funded CSO that aims to ensure the most disadvantaged prisoners are effectively rehabilitated and easily re-integrated into their respective communities. IISP does this by providing […]

Strategic Parnership Grants programmes launched

The Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP) launched its Strategic Partnership Grants (SPGs) at a workshop in Addis Ababa on 12 February 2015. The SPGs are one of the programme’s principal strategic interventions. Getinet Assefa, CSSP’s Executive Director, opened the event with a keynote address. He described the objectives of the SPGs was “to bolster CSOs’ […]