Pilot Project Grants

Our pilot project grants’ objective is to test and learn local level approaches to coalition building.

This enhances capacities for constructive engagement between civil society and government in the interests of women, men, girls and boys from hard to reach categories.

One way in which CSSP intends to foster such local joint action is to develop a ‘watershed’ approach to civil society capacity development, using the Programme Grant funding mechanism. The ‘watershed’ approach has been inspired by the more familiar approach to geographical watersheds where water flows from all directions in a specific geographic catchment area and converges towards a water point like river, lake or pond. Improving the livelihoods of people in a watershed requires a full mapping of both the physical and social context, and full consultation with those who live in the area, to design the best mix of interventions – such soil and water conservation, rain-water harvesting, training in crop production, managing cattle etc. The aim is to involve a range of actors working together to secure benefits for everyone in an inter-dependent human and ecological system.

A total of ETB 12,457,000.00 has been provided to fund the pilot projects described above.

Example:    HEfDA - pilot project grant (467 kB)

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