Specific Response Funds

Specific response fund grants respond to CSO requests for small, short-term funding for one off activities.

CSSP provides ‘Specific Response Funds’ (SRF) to enable CSOs respond to one-off opportunities for which mechanisms other than the Call for Proposals may be appropriate to use. The SRF will enable CSOs to work on ideas/issues that are specific, have limited scope, duration and target population. The SRF will complement the existing suite of grant schemes available to CSOs, but should not be used for activities financed through the main grant schemes.

The size of the fund requested should not exceed €15,000, unless justified on grounds of the proposed specific activity requiring more funding to enable a logical conclusion. The timescale for any proposed activity must be no longer than 4 months. Please find below the latest Guidelines for preparation and submission of SRF applications. Applicant CSOs are advised that, as current Programme funds are nearly exhausted, CSSP is currently open to applications for funding of specific interventions that cost only up to €15,000.

CSSP has so far provided funding of more than ETB 30 million financing over 50 interventions.

Guidelines:   CSSP-Specific-Response-Fund-Guidelines-for-Applicants_-Website-Version.pdf (597 kB)
Example:    EFCSF - specific response fund (394 kB)

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