Strategic Partnership Grants

Our strategic partnership grants strengthen the link between CSOs’ activities and policy, by supporting evidence-gathering and learning activities around six thematic areas:

  1. Disadvantaged people in rural and remote areas: increasing their voice and their access to services
  2. Girls in rural communities: increasing protection from violence; increasing access to education
  3. Pastoral women: increasing their voice and access to livelihood services
  4. Women and children in prison: reintegration of women and their children (in prison with them) into society
  5. Substance abuse: increasing awareness about people (users and families) affected by substance abuse and the services available to support them
  6. Special learning needs and mental ill-health: increasing the voice of adults and children affected by special learning needs and mental ill-health and improving the services available to them

CSSP have conducted 13 rounds of grant-making since 2011, leading to over 400 direct and indirect partners across the whole country. This grant-making has been demand-led, with issues and needs of communities emerging from civil society itself. The themes of the new strategic partnership grants reflect this natural emergence of issues and needs from the civil society sector.

Approximately €2.75 million is allocated for projects supported by the grants, which range in value from €30,000 to €200,000.

Example:   IISP - strategic partnership grant (399 kB)

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