From the outset CSSP set out to develop transparent relationships with Federal and Regional Government actors and to model collaborative approaches which helped civil society actors to navigate the space and build credible organisations for engagement with government actors. The Results Review Phase Two Summary Report here [Add link to the Phase Two Summary report again] provides an overview of the effect of this approach on civil society-government relations across the regional and city states; while the final paper provided by the Results Review team (Making Sense of the Results Review) analyses this contribution and results in more depth here. [Add link to the “Making Sense” paper again]

This issue-based report looks in more depth at the current relationship between civil society and government in Tigray as one example. It provides useful insights into what factors have contributed to improvements since the time that CSSP was launched when the civil society sector was adjusting to the new Proclamation on Charities and Societies. It also highlights a number of considerations for both civil society and government looking to the future. These insights have relevance for other regional states but only in the context of a proper analysis of the unique features of each region.

Download report here    CSSP - RR IBR Report 5. CSO Relations (ACSOT) (550 kB)

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