A multi-dimensional approach to combatting girls’ migration, abduction, school drop-out and violence is yielding real benefits.

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Stories of change

Our stories of change reflect the impact the Civil Society Support Programme is having on individuals and communities throughout Ethiopia.

We work with some of the most disadvantaged and marginalised people and across all sectors of civil society. These are just a few of our stories…

Children with autism

Selamawit and Melakanesh are two young mothers united by hope. When their first born sons were both diagnosed with autism, both women sought assistance from the Nia Foundation - one of the few specialist organisations providing support to autistic children in Ethiopia.

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Prisoners reintegration

Mefthutha received business training and a micro-finance loan to establish her own business. Since her release from Harari prison, Mefthutha is economically independent, ready to expand her business, and inspire other female entrepreneurs.

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Social enterprise in Tigray

When her father was seriously injured in a car accident, Selam found herself with the responsibility to raise and support her five siblings. She received help to set up a small business and now provides for her family.

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Tackling leprosy in Tigray

Shoga Redae and Adanech Bezaberhe are two women whose lives were changed by the Tigray branch of the Ethiopian National Association of Persons Affected by Leprosy.

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Training for people with disabilities

Enderyas was born with a hearing disability. He could not work – not because he didn’t want to work but because the view of his community was that disabled people were unable to work. He received vocational training and now earns a living as a textile worker.

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Women and their children in prison

Sefiya lives in the Asella prison with her daughter. Due to better prison conditions, training and micro-finance opportunities, the prospects for Selfiya and her family have improved. With her growing income she can now send her eldest daughter back to school.

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Fishing in Somali region

Barud is a 42-year-old father of seven children that lives in Charati town in Ethiopia’s Somali region, a largely inaccessible area characterised by conflict, low rainfall and drought.

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Promoting inclusion of minorities

The Somali-Ethiopian Relief & Development Organisation (SERDO) with support from CSSP is trying to tackle discrimination towards the Gaboyo community and increase their representation in decision-making processes in Kebrir Dahar woreda in Somali region.

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